Hi 👋, I'm Evgenii Burmakin,

welcome to my place.

I'm a backend developer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. I enjoy tinkering with new stuff. When something excites me, I write about it. Here, or on my telegram channel

My current focus is on Ruby, Ruby on Rails and homelabbing. You can learn more about what I'm doing now, check out my blog, or scroll down to see what I've done.

Current projects

What I made

  • CodenameCRUD — an educational platform from strach to full-stack junior web dev
  • onrails.club — a forum for Ruby developers (dismissed)
  • Nickshaker — nickname generating platform
  • Ruby Show — a catalog of Ruby courses
  • Reliably Deploying Rails Applications — translated a book to Russian
  • Where Is My Money — a paid newsletter on how to handle money